Saturday, September 25, 2010

pbs video series

Have you watched this video yet? Wo Ai Ni (I love you) Mommy is a documentary about one family's experience adopting an 8 year old girl from China.  There are so many honest moments.  So many moments I could relate to.  Memories came flooding back at every stage.  You should check it out.  It will be on their site through November 30th.


Lee and Martha said...

Sarah, Thanks for referring the video. I watched it and was extremely moved on many levels of Faith's journey. I'm still digesting it all, but my overwhelming thought is how "brave" adoptive children are. Thank you so much for sharing the link.

Adoptive Parents of Three said...

I cannot thank you enough for posting this link. I watched it eventhough I'm really tired and should have gone to bed.

This movie talked to me on so many levels (I'm sure you understand!).

I will be posting it on my blog, because it's going to give me the courage to finally reveal that I'm raising my kids Jewish. Too!

Tom and Kara said...

Thanks for sharing. My computer keeps on skipping but I'm going to figure it out and watch it! I loved your last post about Chris and the book- I can just imagine his head nodding as you guys read. Tom and I hope to adopt an older child one day, and I am always thinking, as Martha put so perfectly, how brave they are. For a mom, it must be a sometimes overwhelming challenge to fit in both the acknowledgment of the enormous changes that have taken place in their life along with their desire, I'm sure, to just fit in as quickly as possible. Thanks for sharing.

Shelly said...

I watched this back when you posted it, and simply neglected to comment for whatever reason.

The video is amazing. It was moving and honest. Thank you for posting it.


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